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About Us


Mission Statement

Abundant Life Ministries Inc. is a

ministry whose purpose is ordained through John 10:10 which 
Jesus states that "The Enemy (Satan) comes to Steal, Kill 
and Destroy, but I come that You Might Have Life and 
Have It More Abundantly".

A.L.M. Inc. is Called to Cultivate Community through the resources but not 
limited to Empowerment Conferences, Workshops, Community Outreach etc.                                                                               

Abundant Life works with local organizations in 
feeding the homeless as well as partnering with Spread the Word 
Ministries in Nigeria South Africa.  Our corporate colors are Red 
and White. Red represents the blood of Christ which was shed for 
the remission of sins for mankind and White represents purity and 

Statement of Faith

The Belief in One Only True and Living God, the Creator and 
Sustainer of all things, who is infinite, eternal, unchanging, and is 
revealed to us as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
The Sinful Nature of Man – Man was created in the image of 
God, but that being tempted by Satan, he sinned, and since that 
time all men have been born in sin.  
Christ Our Atonement & Savior - God provided a way for our 
reconciliation to Him by ransom from our sin and that the way 
provided is Jesus Christ. Jesus atoned for our sins with His death 
on the cross, and through His blood atonement, we become joint 
heirs with Christ, thereby escaping condemnation and the wrath of
God. Belief that every individual is condemned through their sins 
and without Jesus Christ, salvation is impossible.  The Scriptures 
– The Bible is the Word of God and is the absolute authority in 
determining the faith and practice of God’s people. We affirm that 
the sixty-six books of the Bible are inerrant, divinely and uniquely 
inspired, and are given to mankind written as they were inspired 
by the Spirit of God.  The Judgements\The Church - The 
Church is a baptized body of believers covenanted together to 
obey the teachings of the Bible in doctrine, worship and practice. 
Mankind will be resurrected one day to receive an ultimate 

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